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Play it Lovely

Pink lips and sweet skirts your style? Cute and shy with your smile? You’re a Play it Lovely girl! It’s sexy and soft, just like you. With Playboy Play it Lovely, you can play coy, but you always win — he won’t be able to resist!


Play it Lovely
Playboy Play it Lovely - Body MistPlayboy Play it Lovely - Eau de Toilette
Play it Lovely - BODY MISTS

Retouch your charm with the delicate peach perfume of Playboy Play it Lovely Body Mist; perfect for on-the-go use. Spray it all over your body and be prepared to get up close.

• All over body
• Available in 200ml and 400ml depending on your location

Play it Lovely - Eau de Toilette

Be the girl the hot new exchange student wants as his study buddy. Playboy Play it Lovely Eau de Toilette is an easy-to-wear floral fragrance. It opens sweetly with notes of citrus and juicy pear, then follows with a heart of cherry baby orchid and belle de nuit and a simple, sensual base accord of amber and tonka bean. Et voilà! Those private lessons might get you more than just a good grade. Press to Play.

• Delicate floral fruity scent  
• Available in 1.0 oz