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Play it Sexy

Make your entrance and send the amateurs packing. The game is on.  It’s just a matter of time. Sexy is not a mood; it's a philosophy. With Playboy Play it Sexy, you’re in control.


Play it Sexy
Playboy Play it Sexy - Body MistPlayboy Play it Sexy - Eau de Toilette
Play it Sexy - BODY MISTS

Like to play it cool and not reveal all your cards at once? Subtle meets sizzling with Play it Sexy Body Mist, a light and subtle perfume with jasmine tea scent to use on the go, everyday, all over your body. Don’t be shy to get close.


• All over body
• Available in 200ml and 240ml depending on your location


Play it Sexy - Eau de Toilette

You’ve got all it takes to make it an event to remember: sensuality, style, red lipstick and charcoal-black eyes. Play it your way with Playboy Play it Sexy Eau de Toilette, a sultry, oriental scent with intoxicating notes of patchouli and vanilla. Press to Play.

• Sensual oriental woody scent
• Available in 30 ml