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Super Playboy for her

Unleash your dreams. Reveal your reveries. Unbottle your wildest fantasies. Let your sensuality roam free and your confidence soar to new heights with the fierce warmth and unbridled exoticism of the Super Playboy range for Her.


Super Playboy for her
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Super Playboy for her - Deodorant Body Sprays

From daybreak to dusk, let the dream linger and lose no sleep over your deodorant. With the 24-hour protection of Super Playboy for Her Deodorant Body Spray, there’s no rest for your allure, you are always ready to seduce.

•24-hour coverage
• Anti white marks
•0% aluminium salt
• Available in 150ml

Super Playboy for her - Eau de Toilette

Unleash your dreams. Live your fantasies. Leave admirers love-drunk and in no doubt of your femininity with Super Playboy For Her. An exotic cocktail of Margarita, mandarin, paradise flower and sweet freesia that blossoms over a base of musk, massoia wood and amber.


• Fizzy oriental signature scent
• Long-lasting fragrance (apply to touch points)
• Available in 40ml, 60ml and 90ml depending on your location

Super Playboy for her - Shower Gels and Creams

Water cascades over your curves. Steam curls up around your figure. You lather your skin in the delicious strawberry scent. Tantalize the senses and indulge your skin with the hydrating and softening formula of Super Playboy For Her Shower Gel. With a delicate and enduring scent for all-day seduction.


• Skin-softening formula
• Available in 250ml

Super Playboy for her - Body Fragrances

You are an oasis of femininity. An audacious fantasy beguiling and bewildering your admirers wherever you go. Conveniently sized to carry with you, Super Playboy for Her Deodorant Natural Spray refreshes and subtly perfumes as and when needed.


•Convenient on-the-go size
•Refreshing & subtle fragrance
• Available in 75ml