There is a new heroine in town…

From the shadows of the night rises a new kind of heroine, Super Playboy.

Utterly sensual and unforgettable, you have the power to make any guy fall at your feet. That poor guy never had a chance…

Ready for some action?
PRESS TO PLAY… and see what happens!

Every Super Playboy woman knows their powers of seduction also depend on a great fragranced body care routine! Super Playboy for Her is available in Eau de Toilette, Body Mist, 24h Deodorant Body Spray, Hydrating Shower Cream and many other toiletry products depending on your location.

The Fragrance

Spray on the fragrance and instantly unleash your powers of seduction…

First, a bar-style blend of a margarita cocktail, an energy drink and mandarin captures his attention… super-fast!

Second, exotic paradise flower, sweet freesia and the utterly mouth-watering amour en cage has him hooked.

Check-mate: Sensual amber and sexy musk seal the deal… Now you’re in his dreams forever!


There is a new mysterious heroine in town… YOU!

In a world where anything can happen… and probably will, get ready for an adventure of epic proportions! Get access to Super Playboy’s mysterious and sexy nightlife. You feel super seductive, mysterious and completely irresistible.

There’s only one way to know what will really happen…