There is a new hero in town…

From the shadows of the night rises a new kind of hero, a real master of seduction, Super Playboy.

With a single intoxicating spritz, the new Playboy fragrances will turn you into the super seducer of the night. A collection of Super Playboy body care products completes the transformation…

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Every Super Playboy knows their powers of seduction also depend on a great fragranced body care routine! Super Playboy for Him is available in Eau de Toilette, After Shave, 24H Deodorant Body Spray, Shower Gel and many other toiletry products depending on your location.

The Fragrance

A super-seductive fragrance with the power to turn the chat-up routine into a mere formality…

First, an unexpected explosion of sparkling bergamot, juicy red apple and spicy black pepper gets her attention… super-fast!

Second, an incredible dosage allying the warmness of cinnamon, pineapple’s fruity freshness and a soft lavender touch irresistibly draws her to you… she can’t resist! Can she?

Then comes the finale: a subtle blend of wood, amber and patchouli ensures Super Playboy reaches his target… Every time!


There is a new super seducer in town… YOU!

In a world where anything can happen… and probably will, get ready for an adventure of epic proportions! Get access to Super Playboy’s mysterious and sexy nightlife: normal dating rules no longer apply. You feel super seductive, self-assured and completely irresistible.
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