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Play it Spicy

Want to add some hot sauce, or do you already Play it Spicy? With your dramatic black eyeliner, shiny locks and sun-kissed skin, it’s getting hot in here – and the seductive power of your fragrance is turning the thermostat up even more. He’s going to need some ice to cool things down.


Play it Spicy
Playboy Play it Spicy - Eau de ToilettePlayboy Play it Spicy - Body Mist
Play it Spicy - Eau de Toilette

Your catchphrase is naughty but nice. Your taste? Exotic and edgy. You like to Play it Spicy, enhancing your unique style by dabbing on an exciting Eau de Toilette. On top, the fragrance bursts with the power of pomegranate notes and Bellini cocktail, then settles into a passion flower and tiger lily heart accord. At the end? An unforgettable signature of amber and sandalwood notes. Your seductive potential is infinite. Press to Play.

• Captivating oriental floral scent
• Available in 30 ml

Play it Spicy - BODY MISTS

Say hello to hotness! Simplicity and sexiness unite in Playboy Play it Spicy Body Mist, with its gentle and light fragrance. Smell and taste delicious all over so you’re prepared for any chance encounter. You just got another call back.

• All over body
• Available in 8.0 oz