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King of the game

You live life to the fullest, and make the most of its pleasures, playing the game of seduction just for the hell of it. With a strategic mind, a wicked smile and eyes that they can't look away from, your charisma is like a magnetic force pulling them in. Who's got the finesse to stay one step ahead? You do. You're King of the Game.


King of the game
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When you truly rule the game, you let the other guys try their chances. Because you know that in the end, smart moves and a mesmerizing scent will win any girl's heart. When it comes to seduction, you're the ultimate player. You rule the game.


King of the game
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King of the game - Deodorant Body Sprays

Considering the best route to your latest knockout? Take an indirect approach by making King of Game deodorant body spray part of your game plan. Designed to release an hypnotic invitation to play throughout the day, they are an unspoken invitation to play an electrifying game of skin-on-skin.

Available with new SKINTOUCH technology, the first deodorant that activates with skin contact*.


*Within Playboy Fragrances range

SKINTOUCH technology
• Refreshing 24h deodorant
• All over body
• Available in 150ml

King of the game - Body Fragrances

When you're playing at this level, smelling good is just the beginning. Make your first move with a blast of King of the Game body fragrance. With this seductive scent you're now ready to beat her at her own game.


• Refreshing
• Available in 75ml

King of the game - After Shave Lotions

It's a game of craft and cunning, but your self-confidence is also an asset. Cool it down and scent it right with King of the Game after shave lotion. It's mysterious and sensuous appeal brings them closer. The rest is up to you.


• Cooling
• Available in 100ml

King of the game - 2-in-1 Shampoo & Shower Gels

Looking good, feeling better: you know this moment will be legendary. Scrub up your hair and body. Don't waste a second of the action. Grab your King of the Game 2-in-1 shampoo and shower gel. With an addictive mix of Cardamom, Cedarwood and Black Coffee, it's a pure shot of seduction. For Kings who play to win.


• Full body usage
• Available in 250ml and 400ml depending on your location

King of the game - Eau de Toilette

When it's too easy, it's not as much fun. You love a challenge, testing your skills against the toughest targets. Draw them closer with King of the Game Eau de Toilette: an explosive shot of black coffee, Granny Smith apple and Jägerbomb with ultra-sensual accords. An irresistible argument.


• Available in 50ml and 100ml depending on your location