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Play it Sexy

Make your entrance and send the amateurs packing. The game is on.  It’s just a matter of time. Sexy is not a mood; it's a philosophy. With Playboy Play it Sexy, you’re in control.


Play it Sexy
Playboy Play it Sexy - Deodorant
Play it Sexy - Eau de Toilette

You’ve got all it takes to make it an event to remember: sensuality, style, red lipstick and charcoal-black eyes. Play it your way with Playboy Play it Sexy Eau de Toilette, a sultry, oriental scent with intoxicating notes of patchouli and vanilla. Press to Play.

• Sensual oriental woody scent
• Available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml depending on your location

Play it Sexy - Deodorant Body Sprays

The weekend’s here, and it’s time to play. Play it Sexy Deodorant Body Spray lasts as long as you do – 24 hours and still going strong until the sun comes up. Stay fresh and sexy in any situation.
Now available with new SKINTOUCH technology, the first deodorant that activates with skin contact*. You’re one touch away from a boost of sexy confidence !

*Within Playboy Fragrances range
SKINTOUCH technology
• 24h deodorant
• Anti-staining, no aluminum salt
• Available in 75ml, 150ml and 200ml depending on your location

Play it Sexy - Shower Gels and Creams

Want a body that’s smooth from go time to go-home time? Lather up from head to toe morning and night with Playboy Play it Sexy Shower Gel. The long-lasting scent with sensual vanilla makes it ideal for all-day seduction.

• Hydrating, softening
• Long lasting sensual vanilla scent
• Available in 8.4 ml

Play it Sexy - Body Mists

Like to play it cool and not reveal all your cards at once? Subtle meets sizzling with Play it Sexy Body Mist, a light and subtle perfume with jasmine tea scent to use on the go, everyday, all over your body. Don’t be shy to get close.


• All over body
• Available in 200ml and 240ml depending on your location

Play it Sexy - Body Fragrances

Play up your innate confidence with Playboy Play it Sexy Body Fragrance. You stay lightly scented and glam on the go, from the classroom to the gym to the party. Your fans are loving it!

• Refreshing
• Available in 75ml