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#Generation for her

Connect to Playboy's Network and be at the heart of the action. You don't want to just read your newsfeed, you should be the star of it! So take a selfie and become the next trendsetter. Press to play and join the #generation!


#Generation for her
Playboy Generation for her - Deodorant
#Generation for her - Eau de Toilette

You’re a player in the Playboy network. Add a touch of Playboy #Generation Eau de Toilette, with the fragrance of fizzy mandarin, yummy red cherry and luminous jasmine petals. You've got it all so unleash the Playboy spirit that's in you!

• Sparkling floral fruity scent 
• Available in 30ml, 50 ml and 75ml depending on your location

#Generation for her - Shower Gels and Creams

You don’t follow rules, you make them. Lather up with the hydrating power of Playboy #Generation Shower cream in the morning and evening and get ready to unleash yourself to your followers with the seductive and long-lasting juicy cherry scent.

• Hydrating, softening
• Long lasting juicy cherry scent
• Available in 250ml

#Generation for her - Deodorant Body Sprays

Always on trend and connected, you are the breaking story on everyone's newsfeed! You'll love your 24 hour #Generation Deodorant Body Spray, keeping you fresh and feeling sexy. Push to play!
Now available with new SKINTOUCH technology, the first deodorant that activates with skin contact*. You’re one touch away from hitting 1000 new followers !

*Within Playboy Fragrances range
SKINTOUCH technology
• 24h deodorant
• Anti-staining, no aluminum salt
• Available in 75ml, 150ml and 200ml depending on your location

#Generation for her - Body Mists

Light enough to use all over, Playboy #Generation Body Mist is your ideal everyday fragrance. You’re part of the Playboy network, so stop following rules and start making them. Your Instagram pix don’t need any filter with this much sexiness!

• All over body
• Available in 200ml and 240ml depending on your location

#Generation for her - Body Fragrances

Playboy #Generation Body Fragrance is an everyday, on-the-go scent for that extra fresh boost of confidence when you get a text for an impromptu road trip with the crew. Push to Play and enjoy the ride.

• Refreshing
• Available in 75ml