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#Generation for him

Connect to Playboy's Network and be at the heart of the action. The girls just can’t get enough of your selfies, friend requests keep coming and the invites keep coming... Playboy #Generation, the signature fragrance for the trendiest, most connected player out there!


#Generation for him
Playboy Generation for him - DeodorantPlayboy Generation for him - Deodorant stick
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#Generation for him - Eau de Toilette

Playboy #Generation Eau de Toilette is the signature of the guy who’s part of the Playboy Network. The bottle crackles with the dynamic, zesty fragrance of your connected world, mellowed by the smooth notes of sensuality and seduction. So what’s your move– a poke, a tweet or a private message? Press to Play and find out. 

• Irresistible aromatic oriental scent
• Available in 50ml and 100ml depending on your location

#Generation for him - 2-in-1 Shampoo & Shower Gels

Every player has his routine. Log in, check your messages, take a shower. Playboy #Generation 2-in-1 Shampoo and Shower Gel gets your hair and body clean and keeps you smelling sexy. When you step out, log back in. Guess who replied?

• Hair and body
• Available in 250ml and 400ml depending on your location

#Generation for him - Deodorant Body Sprays

Newsfeeds keep rolling, last night’s photos are up, and the next wild party is on. Get ready! Plug into the Playboy Network with Playboy #Generation Deodorant Body Spray. It will leave you smelling fresh for 24 hours and ready for your next connection.

Now available with new SKINTOUCH technology, the first deodorant that activates with skin contact*. You’re one touch away from getting her number !


*within Playboy Fragrances range
SKINTOUCH technology
• 24H deodorant
• All over body
• Available in 150ml

#Generation for him

In the Playboy Network, the game moves fast. From friend request to face time, make sure your seduction is never off-line with Playboy #Generation Deodorant Stick. Sit back and give it a minute. Message seen. She’s typing. Her place at 10?

• 24H deodorant
• Available in 51g

#Generation for him - Body Fragrances

In the Playboy Network, you never know what will appear on your screen. A hot party invite? A new message from her? Hit refresh with Playboy #Generation Body Fragrance. Your body gets a cool breath of scent, and you’re ready to take on anything. Was that your phone?

• Refreshing
• Available in 75ml