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Queen of the game

There's no mistaking it, you are the queen of the game. You walk into a room like you live life: head high, a smile on your lips and ready for anything. You've got it and you're not afraid to work it, with style and smarts that leave your rivals in the dust.


Queen of the game
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Who is sweetly unique, watching and waiting while the rest of the girls take the same old approach? You are. So let the others blend into the background because only a Queen has the strategic moves and the glamourous charm to take on a seduction challenge, and win!


Queen of the game
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Queen of the game - Eau de Toilette

Self-confidence: a synonym for Queen. While you're considering your game plan, slip in a quick spritz of Queen of the Game, a winning new fragrance for girls who own their sexiness. Once you've got him close enough, juicy Blackcurrant Pearls and the enchanting scent of Passion Flower will deliver a sucker punch to your target's heart.


• Available in 40ml, 60ml and 90ml depending on your location

Queen of the game - Shower Gels and Creams

Step one: start right with Queen of the Game delicate and long lasting shower gel , a royally seductive blend of Golden Orange Flower petals. Step two: lather up while you're dreaming up a new scheme to win him over. Step three: rinse and get ready to put your plan into action.


• Softening
• Available in 250ml

Queen of the game - Body Fragrances

Three rivals are vying for his attention. Take control with your subtle tactics and a spritz of Queen of the Game body fragrance which perfumes lightly to stay confident. Now that's how you play the game of seduction.


• Refreshing
• Available in 75ml

Queen of the game - Body Mists

Game on! You're making eye contact when a pretty challenger distracts him. A spritz of Queen of the Game body mist,  a shake of the hair, and the game of seduction is back in your court. Light and subtle, it's a touch of sexyness to feel unique when a boy get close. With irresistible Chocolate and Tonka Bean notes to whet his appetite. Now make your move.


• All over body spray
• Available in 200 ml

Queen of the game - Deodorant Body Sprays

Stand strong under the spotlights with the sexy scent of Queen of the Game deodorant body spray. A spray of this feminine, provocative scent with opulent notes of Jasmine Sambac Absolute will boost your confidence and leave your rivals reeling.

 Available with new SKINTOUCH technology, the first deodorant that activates with skin contact*.


*within Playboy Fragrances range

SKINTOUCH technology
• Refreshing 24h deodorant
• Anti-staining, no aluminum salt
• Available in 75ml, 150ml and 200ml depending on your location